Rit with customers in 'The Training Zone'

                       Rit with customers in 'The Training Zone'

Safety briefing

Before taking to the course, our experienced guides will talk you and walk you through everything you need to know in our Training Zone.

This Zone features a wire that is just a few meters off the ground enabling you to gain confidence in the gear and us the chance to set a few essential ground rules before ascending to and above the treetops.

Once our guides are satisfied you will use the equipment safely, it's just a short walk to the first wire. 


Your safety is our first priority! It is for this reason we use only the best equipment. Our pulleys, safety slings, harnesses and helmets are all imported from Europe and are top brands, trusted by climbers around the world. Brands we use include; Petzl, Black Diamond, Singing Rock, Wild Country and Mammut.


To maximize your comfort and to ensure your safety, we have a set of strict rules for you to follow on the day. Please ensure you look these over before your adventure.   

· Listen and give your full attention to our safety briefing before taking to the trees.

· Take part in our skills test before being allowed on the course. All adventurers will spend time in our test zone to practice what they’ve learned in the safety briefing and familiarize themselves with the equipment. Only when your guides are satisfied with your ability to use the equipment safely will you be allowed to take to the trees.

· Wear all safety gear provided by us at all times. This includes a helmet, harness and safety slings.  Failure to wear this whilst on the course will result in you being removed from the course.

· Wear trainers or other suitable footwear to ensure sure footing. FLIP FLOPS MUST NOT BE WORN ON OUR COURSES as they represent a slip/trip hazard.

· Wear suitable clothing. Skirts and other very loose clothing are not recommended. We recommend long shorts for maximum comfort.

· Have all cameras or recording equipment linked to your person. We are happy for you to use this equipment on our courses but insist upon it being securely fastened to your person to avoid overhead hazards for people on the ground.  We sell lanyards in our shop should you require them on the day. 

team qualifications,training and experience


Our team of guides are led by Rit and Aey who between them, have over 30 years    of experience at height. They are trained guides; both with mountain rescue qualifications and are highly accomplished rock climbers.  All our guides have undergone thorough training and are very experienced. Last but not least, every member of staff also holds an up to date First Aid Certificate. The latest First Aid training course was undertaken in May 2017 with Wilderness Medical Associates International. This organisation specialise in wilderness first aid which makes their courses well suited to our location.