Frequently asked questions

Is there an age restriction?

No. All ages can zip, climb or abseil BUT there is a minimum height of 100cm. This is so the harnesses fit correctly.

Is there a maximum weight?

Yes. 120kgs is the maximum weight. Although the equipment is capable of taking loads far in excess of this, our course requires a reasonable level of fitness.

Will we be able to come if it is raining?

Yes. Rain adds to the fun! High winds however may prevent ziplining. This is a very unusual occurrence though in Krabi.

What should we bring?

Trainers or closed toed shoes must be worn. No FLIP FLOPS are allowed. This is for your own safety. We have shoes to hire if necessary.

Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent

Camera, you are welcome to bring your own camera but this must be attached at all times though. Alternatively, we have a Go Pro camera available to rent which is capable of taking stills and video.